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31 July 2009


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I love the shoes because theyre so soft, but protect babies feet, and theyre sooo styley!
And I love leg huggers because they keeps babies legs so much warmer than just having pants on. Its also great for bubbas in nappies, you dont have to take them off to change them! Girls 6-12 months

I love the CLS because they keep socks on my baby's feet, I love the leg huggers because then I don't need to put socks on her! I would like to win the girls 6-12 months.

I would love the girl pack in the smallest size. i loved my cheeky little soles for my son and now i have newborn daughter to dress, i havent used leg huggers before but love the idea of easy nappy changes.

I have rt'ed the comp a few times :) im following you all :), my username is @BexieLady

The Cheeky Little Souls shoes are so stylish and I love how the Leg Huggers can be worn without having to take them off when changing a nappy. I would love to win the girls 6-12 months size.

Username @chereer I love the CLS boys shoes! I love the girls one too... I also love the leg huggers! Best invention for nappy changes and crawling! Boys or Girls size 0-6months.. Boys preferably. :)

wow so glad I saw your tweet and came looking! I am always looking at CLS shoes and have recently found the leg huggers but how do you decide which ones you want?? I want them all for my little girls! Girls 6-12 months

Hi,I love CLS because they are so soft in my baby feet. I have not use Leg Huggers yet but they look so amazing. They both together are a perfect match.
I would like 12-18 months Girl.

I love both of these brands, nothing like supporting Australian designed products.... plus they are both divine! There is nothing like a comfy pair of shoes for your little one and these are super soft. Love the leg huggers as you can have a onesie on with now pants... how easy is that, just like putting on a pair of socks! If I win I would love a 12-18 months boys.

Love the design of CLS because of their individuality. I believe my baby boy is one of a kind and like to dress him accordingly.
I would therefore love to win 6-12 month boy pack.

As a mum of twins (boy and girl) I really enjoy finding items that correspond in style but are different colours, like the 'star' cheeky soles!
My choice would be the girls pack in size 12-18 months.

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Girls pack 12-18 months

I follow all you inspirational peoples!
Boy 0-6 - perfect for business partners new bubbalicious!

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