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17 August 2009


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Another great product review, well done!

Retweeted too!

Tried signing up for the Milk newsletter, didn't seem to work though... SO I just registered instead? Hopefully that will automatically put me on the mailinglist too.

Oh how wonderful, my little girl could use this at the moment, all the sniffles and snuffles around.

Retweeted, yay, I figured out how!!

Tried to sign up to Milk newsletter too but it doesn't seem to work, I registered, like Simone said hopefully it will sign me up to the newsletter.

A much needed product in my house with 4 snotty grubs.

I'd really like to give that product a go. Christine xo

Just tweeted too... (littledivacraft)

Would love to win this! Am always on the look out for more 'natural' products for my little one and this would be perfect for when she gets the sniffles.

Have been wanting to try the milk products on my little ones!

Also had trouble with the newsletter so will come back later

got myself a snotty grotty at the moment! would love having this product in the medicine basket! xx

have retweeted this fab prize too =)

Michael Klim is HOT so I bet his products are too! :)

The ingredients sound lovely - I love the scent of lavender!

My little girl is constantly getting a snotty nose, this would be fabulous!!

nothing like some snot is there!

We need this! We have stained our new walls with water from the humidifier in a bid to "rid the snot"!

ooooh I love the smell of this stuff.

I think I have signed up for the newsletter. I tried anyway.

Will retweet giveaway when I see you post one!

I re tweeted YAY I love the smell of Snotty Grotty absolutely DIVINE

Oh my little man is teething and so has a runny nose, so this would come at the perfect time if we were to win...

4 grotty snotty kids in my house....yep!!! i definatley need this...lol

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